Reflective Technology

Uniform Light Pattern: DCI delivers cutting edge illumination technology by utilizing over 500 reflective facets that bounce light back to the oral cavity. The result is a uniform light pattern that increases visibility for doctors and dental assistants.

Less Eye Fatigue/Increased Visibility: Optimal light performance reduces shadows improving illumination of the oral cavity.

Accurate Shade Matching: 5000 Kelvin color temperature with a color rendering index (CRI) of 90 produces a neutral white light, which is ideal for color matching at any intensity level.

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Lamp head may be adjusted vertically, horizontally or diagonally
Sharply defined rectangular light pattern
3800o to 4500o Kelvin temperature (ideal for shade matching and examination)
Easy reach ON/OFF intensity switch
2-way switch for low (12,000 LUX) and high (24,000 LUX) intensity
Reflector with dichroic coating filters out infrared rays, providing cool light
12V—55 Watt tungsten halogen H-3 bulb with twin filaments
Easy bulb replacement
Easy open safety shield allows for cleaning
Requires Celux/Pelton light bushing (Part number 146-208 in Beaverstate Post)
Illuminated pattern at 28" is 3" x 7"

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Flight Dental Systems

The advanced lighting design by Flight Dental offers a range of options including halogen and LED lights. The Flight Dental operating Lights deliver the true, reduced shadow white light you need to properly match shades, identify details and diagnose tissue. And, the automatic on/off function and upfront touch pad control system make the lights easy to use. Available in various mounting configurations, including unit mounted, ceiling mounted and track mounted; to meet your operatory design needs. Our lighting solutions can bring a lot to your practice. A clearer view of tooth surfaces. Reduced eyestrain. Less fatigue.

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